25 Missing/New Features/Suggestions with Argumentation ;-)

  • (By the way: editing longer posts with this system is horrible! Even with completely opened editor it stopped every now and then scrolling down to the end of the text so i had to write eternally.)

    I am an old Opera 12.xx veteran that moved on to Firefox later and tried Vivaldi and ... stayed (even i never was a fan of Googles Chrome browser)! 🙂 Hoever, there is still much to do it seems, so i wanted to point out some ideas and suggestions.

    Those ideas are just written down for now and in no particular order. Sure, some of them are less important (to me also) than others and others might be for the long run instead of some of the next versions, but judge for yourself! 🙂 Unfortunately i do not have the time to search the whole forum before to see what was suggested already; hope the moderators are forgiving that! 😉

    If more informations are needed just tell me; i have notifications enabled in the forums here and will answer anything as fast as i can.

    01.) Startpage with interactive content (maybe some kind of "widgets")

    Description/Argumentation: I would like to do more with my "Startpage" ("SpeedDial" or whatever you call it). The visual bookmarks are fine and needed, but how about more interactive stuff? Maybe a separate folder can be used for them and a separate startpage like some kind of a little desktop which then can be filled with a clock, RSS, mail, calculator, folders, etc. There was some kind of this back with Opera before 12.xx and today we have browser apps, but i mean a more subtle and easy concept. However, not the horrible widgets bar from Windows 7! 😉 Something between and really useful ...

    02.) A full featured password manager

    Description/Argumentaion: Surely already planned i guess, but in case if not ... The current implementations is missing several default features which should be added. At least i would like to be able to edit/manage/display them.

    03.) Hold mouse button to open link (aka. "Long press to open link")

    Something that would nicely fit to Vivaldis concept and that currently can just be done with extensions. You just hold your mouse button for a defined time (maybe 250-500 ms) and it opens the link. A setting for the delay and one to override the links target (opne in new tab instead the same and such) should be also there at least. An old favorit when having to open several links in new windows from one source page for example and never implemented in any major browser. However, a chrome extension exists.

    04.) Customization of UI elements

    I guess this also is planned and something i miss the most while coming from Firefox: the possibility to completely customize the user interface and move all the buttons and bars like that other browser can do. Especially i like a right-hand oriented UI and currently i just can set the panels to be on the right side. Have to move all over the screen to hit reload page button for example.

    05.) More fancy rendering

    One thing that annoyes me but is hard to explain is the way in which Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi renders its content on the screen. I do not mean the web content but the broser itself. On every edge it is flickering, missing animations and acts like some unfinished software. Vivaldi already makes many things better with its theme engine, but the browser still is far from smooth. Everything you click also is there without any transistion which just is not very pretty. So some eye candy in the more subtle section would be much appreciated also!

    06.) Nicer context menus with icons and customization

    It would be much easier if many of the default actions would have icons that also show in the context menu to make it easier and quicker to find them. Also i would like to customize my (context) menus like one can do in Firefox with the great "Menu Wizard" extension! This also helps keeping the menus clear of not needed features.

    07.) Browse button for setting download folder

    It just is missing one in the Vivaldi settings and one has to copy in the whole path manually. Not a problem for me and we are talking about some kind of power user browser, but that is something such a setting should have in any way.

    08.) Better explained settings and more tooltips

    It seems to be known here, that some tooltips are not localized and/or missing completely. Besides that, i would like to see a better explaination of some features in the settings. Since we now can open them in a tab and fullscreen, there is much unused space available. How about little screenshots or even animations showing the difference? Best with some text below. Maybe a box can be added which shows this information for the currently clicked setting; something like you did for mouse gestures? Much more work an the one hand, but a cool feature in the other. And also it might prevent users from asking at another place instead ...

    09.) Add setting to disable download warning

    Talking of power users, i would like to disable the security warning when downloading some file types like executables and such. I really know what i am doing and this just slows me down.

    10.) Download panel is missing a display for the download speed

    As with many other things, there was an extension for customizing how the download manager displays the informations with Firefox. Vivaldi does a good job already, but the download speed is an essential one; for example when having different servers and checking which has the best speed and such.

    11.) Drag & Drop in favorites panel needs more love

    It often is nearly impossible to correctly drag and drop files and folders there. It especially gets ugly when trying to drop an item just beneath a collapsed folder since it often ends inside it instead of beneath of it as intended even the line shows the correct position.

    12.) Add all options to context menu on Startpage

    I would like to see all the options also in the context menus when clicking an item in a Startpage folder. Currently it shows none of the and i need to use the "+" button or double click for adding an item to it for example instead of just right-clicking the background for example.

    13.) Send page as link

    Default in several browser already is the option to send a page as link by mail. Needs to be added to Vivaldi by extension still but would fit its concept perfectly. Also a very handy and much used function in my case.

    14.) Better support for the user when installing

    First, the installer needs to be localized also still. Then, it defaults to a "per user" installation which installs somewhere in the user folder instead of the programs folder which is not very popular or common (on the Windows platform at least). Having this as default but hiding it under an "Advanced" button is the next stragnge decision. Also, having all those special circumstances, it fails in providing enough explainations about what is going on – not the best way to impress new users even there are technical backgrounds to this, right? However, being able to do portable installations

    15.) Backup installation package when auto-updating

    I would like the updater putting an installation package on my desktop when he does an update (or at least an option to do so). This is most handy to having it ready for the software archive instead of first letting the browser udpate and then having to download the installation package from the website. How about just a checkbox in the udapte dialogue and a path which can be entered in the settings like the one for the download folder?

    16.) Delete history on exit

    What should i explain on this one? Better you explain me why it is not a default setting like in any other browser? ^^ Okay, i guess it somehow is explained with the "Chromium" keyword, but please at it soon! Letting us customize what is deleted on closing the program should be clear i guess.

    17.) Open multiple links at once by selection

    There are nice extensions out there which allow to draw a selection box around some links on a website so one can open them alltogether; best with an target override option. This would nicely fit the browsers concept.

    18.) Lock Startpage option

    This is needed since sometimes one accidentally moves thumbnails when trying to click them. I think about just a simplex lock/unlock to enable/disable editing like possible with the Windows taskbar.

    19.) Select tabs when closed in order of opening them

    This would be a nice addition to the existing options here. It should mark the tabs in the order of how they opened. At least i was not able to do this whith the current options. Closest to it is "go to tab left from closed one" but that exludes the ones right from it and breaks the order.

    20.) Combine mouse gestures with selections

    How about being able to select – for example text – and have a gesture then do something with it based on the selection? It could help bring a personal order to the gestures and also would allow more gestures in total also. It could be invented as a checkbox where you draw your gesture to make clear when the selection is taken into count. With the example of a text selection, copy & paste, translation, dictioinaries and Wikipedia come to my mind. For pictures it could be printing, saving or copy to clipboard. For links it might be gestures to temporarily override the target attribute. This may be combined with the two new mwthods of opening links described before also.

    21.) Skinned and smaller scroll bar

    I read here somewhere that there is a reason why the them excludes the task bar currently but if possible i would have a skinned one also; it is especially ugly when using a dark theme. Also, it do not have to be so big and should also be able to automatically get hidden when not scrolling. All stuff normally needing an extension to do so.

    22.) RSS subscriptions

    I guess the announced mail client will be able to use RSS feeds, too. If not, please do so! If so, please also provide a good way to subscribe to feeds like the icon in the adress bar in some other browsers (like the reading view you already implemented this way).

    23.) Stash from Opera

    Something of the very few things is liked and miss from Opera 15+ is the stash. Sure, i can use favorites, but just clicking that little heart symbol and moce on browsing is much quicker than having to set a favorite. Also, i provided a Startpage page with hold all those unsorted links together and separate from the other so one can sort them out later; nice!

    24.) Include a marker and such for the notes screenshots

    Since notes are about collecting temporary informations and i guess the screenshots feature should assist in doing so, how about adding some small editing features for them like a marker or highlighter? The "send by mail" feature could also added here to be able to make notes and screens to send to others.

    25.) Opoen/close panales by mouseover

    I would see a third way to open close the panels besides the icons and the switcher: just by hovering it with the mouse cursor at the corner of the screen like several dock software offer to do. This is handy since one alsways has to switch between full screen size and the panels content. It should then stay open as long as the curser is above them or something is clicked; best put options and let everyone decide for themself.

  • 26.) Options for shut down after XYZ

    It would be helpful if i could set a timer to shut down the computer (not the browser alone) after finishing a download. I sometimes have to let the computer run over night for very large downloads like bought games and worry about uneccessarily letting it run the whole night where a few hours would have been enough. I guess i do not have to point out all that speaks for this or do i have to? 😉

  • said in 25 Missing/New Features/Suggestions with Argumentation 😉:

    Something that would nicely fit to Vivaldis concept and that currently can just be done with extensions. You just hold your mouse button for a defined time (maybe 250-500 ms) and it opens the link. A setting for the delay and one to override the links target (opne in new tab instead the same and such) should be also there at least. An old favorit when having to open several links in new windows from one source page for example and never implemented in any major browser. However, a chrome extension exists.

    some people if they are not completely sure if they want to press a link wait before releasing the mouse button and decide to move the mouse away in the last moment. for example when buying something online.

  • A good point so far, but to be honest this just is a bad habit i shared myself in the far past! 😃 You very quickly get used to this feature and never want to miss it again.

    However, i usually suggest to make such things optional as the most already existing features so anybody can set is as desired what this browser is all about i think. 😉

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    @linguaoccultus if you want that the dev implement some of these features, I strongly recommend you that you submit them here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/13217/feature-requests-for-1-7
    One request at a time though. 😉
    I'm closing and archiving this thread so that people keep sharing their requests in the thread mentioned above.


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