Weird Bug with Remote Desktop Sessions

  • Since 1.7.705.3 I am experiencing a weird bug.

    Boundary conditions:
    At work I need to run a remote desktop session to access our company server and do the stuff I get paid for - but I do my internet researches local with Viv and the latest FF-Beta (need both due to some certificate troubles but that's another story).

    The Bug:
    Due to a script on our servers I get kicked out from remote desktop session when I don't do anything on the servers for more than an hour to save resources.
    When this happens Viv freezes and pops up an error box with the text "Vivaldi.exe exception error" and only one button "OK"
    Until the "OK" isn't pressed my pc is just a brick, nothing is accessible no win-menu, no shortcuts, nothing except that I still can use my mouse to click that stupid OK-Button.
    (I'd like to provide a screenshot but pressing the "print" button and save the pic later just results in a complete black pic...)
    Pressing OK let me close Viv via the taskbar icon (the browser still is unresponsive at this state) and afterwards I need to terminate a bunch a zombie-Viv-processes in the taskmanager until I can restart Viv.

    First thought that the remote desktop termination process somehow affected my pc and so killed my internet connection for a short time so it ends up in an error but when Viv and FF are running together only Vivaldi dies and the Fox is still running (after pressing OK of course ^^).

    Please note:
    This is no serious bug to me - today I am just bored at work so I thought that maybe someone will try to reproduce this (if this is even possible)

    System specs:
    Win7 32bit with Viv 1.7.705.3 32bit standalone
    and the System that is accessed via remote desktop is
    WindowsServer 2012R2 64bit

    Thanks for reading and maybe commenting in advance


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