Url bar auto complete

  • I am surprised that search didn't return hundreds of result about how messed up the url auto complete is. I expect youtube to pop up when I type "y" in search bar, instead I get ycombinator, which I visited maybe like 2 times. And it doesn't improve no matter how many times I choose youtube from the options listed below. And that's not the only case, this is simply how the feature works. Are you aware of this issue? Fix it asap please, this is ridiculous

  • What happens if you type yo instead of just y?

  • I'm seeing this too. It seems to be favoring bookmark results heavily instead of the more likely intent.

  • In Settings, Address Bar, try unticking Always prefer bookmarks.

  • @aesouza That was exactly it, thanks.
    @Consilius, I think you'll definitely like that setting.

  • But if you still want bookmarks to be preferred in the URL-Bar and enter youtube via y and not ycombinator:
    You might want to add youtube to your search engines
    -->visit youtube, rightclick in the youtube-searchfield, add as searchengine, set y as Nickname
    so you can type in your URL-Bar just like you type in the youtube-searchfield when you type an y followed by a blank

    For example: y Morrowind OST
    This will search on youtube for the term you entered (the Morrowind soundtrack in this case ^^)
    Another pro-point is that you save time by loading one site less

  • @aesouza That's exactly what I was looking for. Honestly, I don't think making this preference of bookmarks is a good choice as a default option, I would even go so far to say it's pretty useless even as a secondary option. One of the reason I use vivaldi is because of the bookmarks tab in left panel. It's comprendious and you can organize the content pretty much however you like. But it's meant to be some kind of a reference. For example I liked some article from a blog post, I bookmark it, but hell I don't want that article to mess with my url bar.


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