Bookmarks Drop List has a Scrollbar

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    Bookmarks Drop List has a Scroll Bar @ 100% UI Zoom or more, but not at 95% UI Zoom or less.

    Windows Text Scaling is at 175% to offset the problem of using 100% UI Zoom to fit 5 columns of speed dials on my 1920 x 1080 monitor.

    0_1483039122711_Sort Bookmarks.png

    0_1483039720935_Maximum UI Zoom.png

  • Have you altered the default fonts for UI? I don't have the scrollbar @ 100% UI Zoom, but it appears when I scale it down to 90%. I tried it on both 1.6.689.40 and 1.7.705.3 (32-bit on Win10 x64, default system DPI scaling).

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    @Pesala - I don't have it here at 100%.

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