Personalise Bookmark bar?

  • Is there a way to have the Bookmarks bar be personalised, and not containing "all" bookmarks? Like I only want a select few Bookarks on my Bookmarks bar, not the entire list.

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    @Nebu Select any folder as your Bookmarks Bar folder. Use the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab to organise your bookmarks.

  • Aah, excellent, thank you.

  • I have created a folder for the bookmark bar. I am for some reason unable to add more than the 6 items currently on it. I try dragging a bookmark to the folder, or select a new one to add it directly in the folder, and it always fails. Any idea what is going on? Extremely frustrating.

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    @Nebu: where are you trying to drag it? And what are you grabbing onto to drag?

  • @Ayespy From the bookmarks panel in the left. I try placing it on top of the "Bookmarks Bar" folder, or amongst the other items already in it (folder expanded). Neither works.

    It also doesn't work if I go to a new website, click to bookmark it, and select "Bookmarks Bar" as the folder.

    Actually, I can see that the problem is bigger than this. I can't add any bookmarks at all. They don't go in any folder, or speed dial. I have version 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit).

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    @Nebu: Ah. You can't do this. You can't move a bookmark from the panel to the bar. You have to move it WITHIN the panel to the folder that the bar is representing, and then you will see it appear on the bar.

    You can click on the security badge of any open website, in the left end of the address bar, and drag it to the panel or the bar, and it will be added as a bookmark.

    You can also click on the bookmark symbol at the right of the address bar, and choose a folder to which to add a bookmark for that site.

  • This must be a system-wide bug of some sort. I was unable to add bookmarks at all. Not moving bookmarks from the panel to the bar. I explained it poorly, I'll admit. I meant moving it around within the panels.
    It has started working again now.

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    Moving a bookmark from Bookmarks Panel to the Bookmarks Bar works in 1.7.735.46 32bit Stable and 1.8.755.3 32bit Snapshot on Windows 10x64 for me.


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