Please Add a Shortcut to Toggle Typed History

  • I have been an Opera user for years and I'm liking the continuing updates Vivaldi is doing and would like to move here permanently but one thing is preventing me from doing so: Typed (search) history in the URL bar!

    This is literally the only thing preventing me from switching over. It may seem a bit overboard but I don't want my browser to remember what I've searched for and having to manually hit the X next to each one or deleting my history to remove these entries every single day.

    Please enable a toggle for this simple feature and I'll switch over to Vivaldi as the main browser. And, if I'm being blind and this is already possible please point me in the right direction. Have not found an option for this after looking through settings or flags multiple times.

  • Moderator

    Please send a feature request to Vivaldi.

    Describe as precise as you can and report at
    You will get a bug confirmation mail and in a reply to this mail you can add more information for the testers and bug tracking team.
    Thanks in advance.

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