What I would like to see added to the tab

  • Hopefully in right area. I recently started using Vivaldi and have transferred everything from Opera that I have used since version 2 and paid for it and paid for support until 2012 only to get plowed over by unwanted changes.
    I have a suggestion that I used in Opera a lot: I would like to see an option in the tab that I am using to be able to reload that tab every 5 seconds and in increments you choose. I need every 5 seconds. Make it a right click option on that tab.

  • Moderator

    It was requested already and I think they'll add such feature at some point, but since they have lots of other things to work on, it may take some time. Until then, you can resort to using an extension with such functionality; this one seems to do the job pretty well... 😉

  • @pafflick
    TY, that works for now.


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