No pop-ups?

  • This morning I received an e-mail from a user about my website. In short, he complaints that maps are displayed in a new tab instead of a popup, so he can't follow the action while reading.
    After asking what browser is he using the answer was: Vivaldi. My response: Forget Vivaldi and use Firefox or any modern or bug-free browser.

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    @lesm - There is no such thing as a bug-free browser. As Vivaldi matures, it will become freer and freer of bugs. In the meantime, it offers unique features people want, and more such features with every release, and will continue to do so. You effort to steer people away from it is not well-taken.

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    Any URL to your website so that we could investigate the issue while admiring the undoubtedly exceptional brilliance of your web design?

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    Vivaldi has its own User Interface and does not create windows bound to parent tabs. Under some situations that is disturbing for users and seen as a bug.

    There is a solution for this, but the developer has not implemented yet.
    I will check if there is some progress.


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