Constant mini crashes/lagging?

  • Hello. Heard there has been some major updates for Vivaldi and decided to have a look. It looks very fresh and overall a bit more responsive WHEN it works, but the problem for me is the keyword WHEN. I seem to get random "system not responding" mini crashes (or rather super long "lags") all the time, about once every 5-15 minutes. They seem to last anything from 10 seconds to half a minute. Not only does the browser get unresponsive but it also "hangs" my system totally, so that you cannot even get the task manager to pop up (with ctrl-sft-esc nor ctrl-alt-del). Nine times out of ten the browser then returns from this void after random time and then works again "fine" for next 5-15 minutes.

    Windows logs from event viewer only shows messages like: "Task Scheduling Error: m->NextScheduledEvent 4296" or "Task Scheduling Error: m->NextScheduledSPRetry 4296" or "Task Scheduling Error: Continuously busy for more than a second" when this happens.

    No other programs (I have zillions, admittedly) give me this type of problem and I have all the other generic browsers (+plenty of rarer ones) and this type of thing does not happen with them.

    I am assuming it has to be somehow GPU-driver related as it totally halts the whole comp and I have this problem mostly happening when playing videos from youtube or other similar sites. It DOES happen sometimes when I just change from whatsapp-web tab to another tab or something similar, so not 100% sure only videos do this. (It's possible thou that there are/were some playing or paused videos when this happens, not 100% sure right now). Often the youtube videos also stop refreshing the video and I can only hear audio for x+10 seconds and then it at some point returns streaming the video. Once again a problem that does not happen with other browsers.

    If anyone has any ideas how to solve this or debug, would be glad to give it a shot.

    My specs: i7-3930K/16gb/Asrock Extreme 11/Sapphire R9 290x/zillion harddisks and whatnot.. OS, Win10 PRO (With insider patches/upgrades enabled). All drivers up to date etc.

  • My pc is a bit "slower" (fx 8320, 8gb ram, r7, sata hdd), however I see slowdowns only when I use a large amount of tabs (more than 40-50, which is pretty normal I say).
    Never had particular windows issues (on 10 pro too).
    You may consider to disable some programs to the boot (if you have a lot) and vivaldi extensions (some are known to cause issues) but maybe the culprit can be one of the last insider updates which can interfere with performance: 10 rtm was faster than 1511 update - which caused me a lot of problems - and 1607 which is the latest and is the one I currently using without problems.

    You can try to disable hardware accelaration in browser to see if it solves.


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