Bug: Crash to desktop after moving tab stacks + save page

  • Steps to reproduce:

    • Open Vivaldi
    • Create a second window (ctrl+n, or dragging a tab)
    • Create a tab stack in the second window (with actual webpages loaded)
    • Right click on tab stack and (Move stack to) > (the first window)
    • Ctrl+Tab in the tab stack to find a blank page like this
      Blank Tab
    • (File) > (Save page as)

    On my machine this results in an immediate crash to desktop every time.

    1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    Win 10 Edu, build 14393
    32 GB ram, i7 6700k, Radeon HD 78xx series GPU
    3x monitors, 2 of which have a 150% scaling, and 1 has 100% scaling.


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