Prob. with flash?

  • Dear all, I'm enjoying Vivaldi very much, only issue that i found is some flash (i guess) app on for example [url=]here[/url] - very slow response and sometimes erratic behavior. Maybe worth to investigate to make Vivaldi better. Regards, Zoran

  • What I noticed when I was having that same problem or Flash content would just not load at all is I seemed to have the wrong or outdated Flash update for the browser. When going to Adobe's main website for Flash Player click the link that says "Need Flash Player for a different computer?" ( and from there in the two step drop downs make sure the top one matches your OS and the second is the "PPAPI" version of Flash for Chrome and Opera. Seemed to work after downloading and installing that version, however still I see some slow performance from time to time on some Flash content.

  • Thanks Klejst for your answer , I tried what you suggested but no avail. However, seems it is not exclusively Vivaldi's issue, i tried Opera and Chrome with same results. Safari is somehow not affected with these issues.
    Since it is not Vivaldi's flaw, no point to discuss that here, and I'm fine with closing/deleting this thread.


  • I was having this issue too and klejst's fix worked for me.

  • I have problems with Flash too, some Flash objects are not displayed and when hover the mouse to the Flash object, weird message appears that this plugin run on classic Windows interface only. I run Windows XP 32bit SP3 with Flash version 11,3,300,257. Any solution?


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