Bookmarks menu

  • Does anyone know of a way to get a bookmarks menu added to Vivaldi, like other browsers have? Seems like a pretty basic feature to be missing. I guess it's ok if it's an extension or plug in as long as it doesn't go sending all my bookmarks to some random server or something.

  • @smurf
    Take a look at Vivaldi Hooks. It's modular system to enhance Vivaldi, among other things featuring a classic bookmarks menu.

  • Moderator

    @smurf Bookmarks in Vivaldi are still a work in progress but I'm hoping that we'll see a proper macOS Bookmarks menu added soon. I've politely provided feedback that bookmark navigation in Vivaldi is sub-par, especially for people with lots of bookmarks, and that a Bookmarks menu would significantly improve the user experience. It seems to have been well received. @Aronand did a search and found that a bug (VB-7980) had been already been filed requesting this enhancement. So, this issue IS on their radar.


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