Just curious on what platform have you used Opera in the past ?

  • Looking to other nostalgy threads here I collected my memories and I realized that I used opera/opera mini/opera mobile on many many platforms.. [b]Opera:[/b] Epoch32 (psion 5) Windows (from 3.11 to win 10 tp) Os2 and Ecomstation Linux I386/x86_64 Linux Sparc (Sparcstation 1 and 10) Linux PowerPC (Mac G4) Solaris Sparc (Sparcstation 1 and 10) MacOS, practically any version on PPC (A real Mac G4 and Pear PC emulator) and Intel (some Hackintosh release on bare metal or VM on regular PCs) Open and FreeBSD (intel architecture). BeOS (intel) QNX (intel) [b]Opera Mobile:[/b] Aside epoch 32 mentioned above... UIQ (Sonyericsson P800, and Motorola A1000) S60 (some Nokia phones) Windows mobile (a lot of devices) Maemo (Nokia 700 and N900) Meego (brief N9 test) I still use nowadays the Opera mobile emulator (for linux and windows) on my TV/HTPC combination to easily surf from the couch, when needed. [b]Operamini:[/b] Anything capable of running it, natively or via the j2me environment. From a tiny Siemens SL55 to the latest android devices. Including some unsupported "Russian dolls" combinations, like the j2me version running inside the palmos/ibm virtual machine, running in turn inside the palmos emulator for Webos (palm Pre). So what I'm missing ? Surely I never tried the Solaris/Intel version, the Nintendo one and likely a lot of dedicated versions. What about you ?

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    Opera on Windows and Linux
    Opera Mini on S60
    Opera on Android 3.x
    Opera on Android 4.x

  • There was an Opera port for BeOS? I'd like to see that! Anyway, my list is short:

    Windows 49%
    FreeBSD 40%
    NetBSD 9%
    Solaris 2%

  • @The_Solutor guess you mean Maemo, since the N900 came before that Nokia/Intel Meego disaster 😉

    I used Opera mostly on various Windows versions, some Linux distros.
    On a lot of different Nokia devices (S60, Maemo, Harmattan) and on some Android devices as well.
    For a really short time under Windows Mobile, I even tried that poor port of Opera Mini for Windows Phone

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    Win95, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8.1.
    S60, Android versions beginning with Android 2 (Eclair) and thru 4.4 (Kit Kat).

  • @Patata:

    @The_Solutor guess you mean Maemo, since the N900 came before that Nokia/Intel Meego disaster 😉

    Yes you are obviously right. My neuron where that info was stored died too early :lol:

    BTW I used also Opera on Meego on a friend's N9.

    That was just a two days timeframe, so I can't count it as "usage"

    P.S. I also started to use Opera mobile on Android Eclair 2.0 (Milestone 1), when Opera was still in early beta and was really ugly. I never used a pre 2.0 android device.


    On a lot of different Nokia devices (S60, Maemo, Harmattan)

    As you mention some Nokia devices, I forgot to mention the Nokia 770, but frankly I don't remember very well the Opera experience on that device, likely because it was all but memorable…

  • @Ronaldlees:

    There was an Opera port for BeOS?

    here you are…. 😉


  • Almost with all Windowses and Maemo, pretty much with everything I used daily.

  • Let's see … Windows 3.1, 95 SE, 98, XP, 7 and 8
    Linux - couldn't possibly keep track there, but Mandrake, Mandriva, OpenSUSE and Mageia
    Nintendo DSi
    Android 3 and 4 (not compatible with 5) 😞


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