Looking for FEBE style extension or hack

  • FEBE extension for Firefox is handy in many ways.
    It comes in quite handy when testing Linux distros in dual boot situations.

    I use hotkeys a lot for bookmarks and exporting bookmarks from Vivaldi does not include them. In fact, one of the last distros i tested could barely import Firefox bookmarks.

    Anyway, you get the picture.

  • It's not possible to backup/restore vivaldi extension yet for what I know.
    Import/export for bookmark is in file menu (vivaldi button) and it imports/export from other browsers or a plain .html bookmark file.
    Some shortcuts for bookmarks, can be defined by bookmark panel (F2 on chosen bookmark).

  • Guess we can only hope to see someday, an "import Vivaldi profile" feature.

  • Moderator

    That problem will disappear if Vivaldi will get its own feature of sync to local folder, ssh, Clound etc. to backup/restore profile.

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