[Mac] Browser UI randomly flickers

  • I already submitted a bug report for this via the bug wizard (VB-23968). I just want to know if this is known and if any other Mac users are experiencing the same.

    Basically the entire UI flickers (or glitching?) randomly when loading pages or websites. It kind looks like the UI turns white a few times then reverts back. They happen so fast so I can't get a decent screenshot of the flickering.

    I already tried doing a clean install, etc. With default settings and all and it still happens.


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    That flickering bug has been fixed now. I'm not sure whether the fix is already included in the developer snapshot that was released today, but if it is not, I would expect it to be included in the next one.

  • yes, when i clicked a link to open a new tab, the whole page will flick...
    and refreshing current page is okay....

    Vivaldi Version: 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel)

  • I can confirm. On 1.6.689.40 still reproduces

    video of issue

  • And I've just downloaded build 1.7.721.3 (Official Build) and still reproduces :(

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