Numerous Vivaldi Bugs

  • Blue Flashing Title Bar on some sites! (I’m using ‘Subtle’) Something renders the browser useless for a bit...

    Browser Lockup after Hibernation (Tabs or No Tabs)

    No ‘Clear Everything on Exit’

    Need 1 Simple Delete Everything Button on Clear Private Data!

    cCleaner is no longer ‘Cleaning Everything’ WHY?

    uBlock Matrix is now missing the scroll bar on sites with lots junk to block!

  • Anyone else having these problems or is it just me?

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    @640k - Have not seen these reported (except for the feature request asking for one-button clearing. We will see a LOT more features in days and months to come - can't say when this one will appear). cCleaner has been known to screw with the proper functioning of Vivaldi.

    You may want to refresh your profile.

  • I forgot to add freezes on different websites

    Where is the 'Edit Post' link? I could do this before the forum change.
    It always comes down to I could have stated that better the day after the post 8(

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    @640k said in Numerous Vivaldi Bugs:

    Where is the 'Edit Post' link?

    The icon with three vertical dots at bottom right opens a menu, where you can edit your post for about thirty minutes.

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    @640k - "Freezes on different websites" might be handled by removing some extension(s) or disabling hardware acceleration.

    I've never seen it, but a couple of people have reported it recently.

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