Customize but can't save?

  • So I decided to try Vivaldi today. Been at it for several hours, and still not able to save max window upon launch. Also no matter which option I choose it always opens to some tiled bunk in Vivaldi page instead of homepage. Why add features if they can't be used or saved? I'm going to give this a few more hours of searching for a fix then I'm going back to FF and Yandex. I can't believe the frustration this has brought out in me when I only wanted to install, and go. Unfortunately I am one of those people who has to keep searching for a solution before giving up.

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    @Jiansarys - Hm. My vivaldi opens maximized. And the home page setting is straightforward for me. If you are not getting it to work, perhaps you can describe what you are doing step by step, and I or someone can point out what you need to do differently.

  • @Ayespy Installed, opened, was minimized by default. I maximized it. Closed and reopened. It opens minimized again. I then manually pulled the edges to end of my screen and still again will launch minimized. So I went into settings, and I checked settings in Appearance, and Startup. When that didn't work I searched the forums for answers. Many people have this issue from what I have seen. I have no extensions as I have only just installed it so I know it's not that as some suggested on a few forums. Most say it's a known issue and hope to fix in near future. Those forums were from 2015. I also tried resolving the issue with launch always starting up with all them geeked tiles. The 4 options given for homepage, last session, start page, and specific page. None change a single thing about the browsers behavior. I even tried Never show speed dial in the speed dial section, and that also changes nothing in the browsers behavior. From what I have seen they say you can customize the browser yet the options either do nothing at all or will not save the change when closing the browser, like the min max issue.

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    @Jiansarys - did you download the latest version from the Vivaldi website? And what is your version number? I see you posted in the "forum" section (which is where we talk abou the forum rather than about the browser), and not under the Linux, Windows or Mac section, so I'd like to ask you what your operating system is.

    I have a hard time accounting for the problems you are having, since the stuff you say doesn't work, works here and for most everyone else, which makes me wonder if you have a valid version, if your install is any good, or if you have 3rd party software on your machine preventing Vivaldi from saving settings (like script blocker, a cleaner, an AV) Nothing you are having trouble with is being reported by anyone else recently. This is not normal.

  • @Ayespy Yes, that's where I got vivaldi from. Was from the website. I got Vivaldi1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit). I have an I7 4470 / windows 10 64bit / 8gb ram DDR3 / GTX 1070 /. If any software I have is preventing this browser from saving, but not Chrome, FF, and Yandex, then I guess I won't be able to use this. Shame as I was tired of the Chrome bunk. I have a lot of software btw. I write music so I have a ton of VSTi, and Ableton Live, and Sony Acid. As for tools I use CCleaner which I don't run unless I want to. I don't let it live monitor my system. Avast AV, and Malwarebytes. Others include Junkware Removal Tool, ADWCleaner, and TDSSKiller. Thank you for your time.

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    @Jiansarys - the kind of software I'm talking about would be software that detects Vivaldi as suspicious (because it connects to the internet and writes to the hard drive) and blocks some functions of it on purpose because it's not a "known" browser.

  • @Ayespy Nope just Avast and Malwarebytes. I already disabled them to check if that was causing it.

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    @Jiansarys - both of these have been implicated in blocking Vivaldi in the past, even when "disabled." Perhaps you can whitelist Vivaldi with them. (Just to be clear, "disabling" security software does not fully get its fingers out of your system.) You ought to do what makes you comfortable, but I'm sharing the data I have with you.

  • @Ayespy Thank you for the help. I think I will just forget about using this browser. I shouldn't have to mess with anything in my system just to get a browser to work as intended. I currently have 4 browsers and all work right out of the box. I just wanted to try something different. Happy Holidays ~ L

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    @Jiansarys - like I say, you have to do what makes you comfortable. But it is not the fault of Vivaldi that other software companies fail to keep up on what's new on the web, and design software that attacks it, because they are unaware there is a new browser in the game.

  • @Ayespy I stopped using Vivaldi at last reply 12 days ago. I just remembered I forgot to uninstall it. Was about to do so, but figured out of curiosity if anything had changed. Sure enough it opened as intended and it opened to my homepage that I wanted. It's 100% working now. Strange that I tried for 3 days to get it to work then I give up, come back wk and half later and suddenly fixed. Yeah no clue why it suddenly decided to work. Anyway hope it stays this way, I really want to try this browser out. Good day ~ L


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