Android Email Client

  • I have been using Vivaldi since August when Firefox was just not running well for me anymore. I came across it randomly and have loved using it the last few months. I am the developer of an email client for Android which has been around 6+ years. I came across this post ( and that was when I first even learned that you guys had email. Most of the features written in that post I have already in my client as well as POP support. I only have an Android client, so this is not going to be a solution for many of you. In the latest version I rolled out I just added Vivaldi as an auto-setup on the main add account screen. I am open to adding specific features for the client if anyone wants.

    Side note to Vivaldi email team, it would be great if you guys can add oAuth2 for authentication. Also, if you want me to add a register link for Vivaldi mail, I can also do that.

    Anyway, if anyone finds it useful, that is great, if not, also great. Figured I'd just share...still loving the Vivaldi browser, keep up the good work (really love the tab counts for new data). You can get the client here:


  • Just wanted to say that the screens were updated in the Play Store to show Vivaldi Mail:

    Also, thanks to the for noticing that!


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