What's going on with vivaldi?

  • Hi,
    I hadn't tried Vivaldi for a while and have just installed v1.6 but every time I start it an advertising page comes up in a tab next to my home page.
    Is this intentional? Is there any way to stop it as it's a deal-breaker for me.

  • From what site did you download Vivaldi? Also, was it a truly new install or did it go in over top of an earlier, older Vivaldi version?

    From the sound of things thus far, it seems as if you're being hit by adware/malware from somewhere, either at a system level, in the specific new browser installation, or in the infected residue left by an older version installation.

  • @Fw190 said in What's going on with vivaldi?:

    Is this intentional?

    No it is not :smile:

    May be it is caused by extension(s)?
    What is your "home page" configured as?

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    @Fw190 - it's not coming from Vivaldi (unless you downloaded from an untrusted source).

  • It could also be a rouge browser extension?
    I read were adware/malware companies are buying up extensions.

  • Certain types of malware/adware do change startup parameters of your installed internet browsers to display different home page or to launch multiple ad pages.

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