[HTML5 videos] fullscreen issue

  • Hi

    I've this problem since about a month now and it seems no fixes have arrived in the meanwhile. I don't know why, but Vivaldi has some serious problem with fullscreen videos on my PC.

    I made a rudimental screencast to show you what happens.

    1. Clean install of Vivaldi (what you see is a just created new profile, no extensions, etc)
    2. Open a video (in the example a YouTube video). All works fine.
    3. Click on the fullscreen button
    4. You get a black screen while in the background the video is played (you hear the audio)
    5. Click on the ESC key to access at least the Windows Taskbar and launch the Task Manager
    6. Search and kill the FIRST Vivaldi process. The black screen will close and the Vivaldi browser under it will be shown.
    7. Now you can launch the fullscreen video without problem.

    This happens always, only the first time per session, then all videos will work without problems. To reproduce again the issue you have to restart Vivaldi.

    Am I the only one with this problem? I didn't have it some time ago, and I didn't change anything on the system (no drivers update or whatever).

    I use Windows 10 Home x64; Vivaldi x64; AMD Radeon HD7450.

    Thanks in advance


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