Baffling Certificate Error

  • I have noticed for some time now that if I disable Adguard (desktop version, with a network driver and certificate checking), then Vivaldi will show a 'broken' red padlock icon when visiting, as well as the following error after clicking said icon:

    The certificate for this site expires in 2017 or later, and the certificate chain contains a certificate signed using SHA-1

    The error goes away if I switch Adguard back on, as it forces browsers to use its certificates for website identification instead—or at least that's my understanding. But when I encountered a certificate-related error (the specific error claimed that my system clock was incorrectly set, when I knew that it wasn't) in [i]all[/i] of my browsers (Edge, Fx, Vivaldi, and Opera) when attempting to access, I uninstalled Adguard in order to see if it was the source of the error. But not only has that particular error [i]not[/i] gone away, but I can't seem to resolve the aforementioned google error in Vivaldi, even after completely wiping the profile and reinstalling. None of the other browsers mentioned previously display the same error on google, although they still complain about the e10s site.

  • After some time, and another Vivaldi restart, the problem appears to have vanished of its own accord. đŸ˜•


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