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  • Re: Feature Requests for 1.7

    Hi, Vivaldi Team! This feature request is more like for Vivaldi 2.x, not 1.7. It is about more functional and convinient Speed Dial. I just looked at current SD and then at Win10 Start menu and like "OMG!". It will be cool if SD will work similarly to Start menu.

    Main benefits:

    • Tiles have different size and look. So more important sites for us can have bigger tile and less important smaller.
    • Possibility to arrange our tiles on grid in the way we like.
    • Thematic named groups of tiles and possibility to arrange this groups.
    • Some short info from websites on their tiles.
    • More tiles on screen without scrolling.

    Now more about tiles content. There is five variations:

    1. Very small. Only favicon or small mobile icon. Also can see name on hover.
    2. Small wide. Favicon and name.
    3. Normal. Name and favicon or big mobile icon.
    4. Wide. Image, big icon, name, some text from site.
    5. Big. Like wide only bigger.

    Background image and text we can get from open graph snippets. I think it's not a problem. Most sites has it.

    And hard level. "Calendar" tile represents possibility of making extensions for SD that can display anything inside it.

    I've made mockup, so you just look at it and think about it. Maybe this is the future of start pages. Thanks)

    Start tab


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