Vivaldi won't start in Windows 7

  • Hi all - I have only just started using Vivaldi - and really like everything about it, Except for one very serious issue.
    It won't start up.
    I click the icon and my cursor informs me it is busy..... but nothing.... I click the icon again and again and nothing - Ctrl Alt Del and it's not showing in applications but every time i have clicked the icon, it shows every instance in processes.
    I then have to end all those processes and then and only then when i click the icon will it start...... This is taking forever and frankly it is such an issue to me that if i can't get it sorted I will need to find another browser. I Don't Want To Do That!!!
    I like this browser - can't anyone offer me any solutions.
    I would be ever so grateful
    Thanks in advance

  • Moderator

    May be some profile files are broken after a Vivaldi or Windows crash.

    First try to delete "Top Sites..." files in profile folder before start of Vivaldi.
    As a last solution create a clean profile as described in


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