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  • It's Christmas and usually these forums are full of comments complaining about this or that feature being "missing" (I should know ..) and this or that not working the way you would like. so I thought I post some good news for a change.

    I've been dipping in and out of Vivaldi for some time, but now it's at least good enough to make it my main browser on my work laptop, where it's not heavily used.

    Now, it's good enough to use it more at home too. Apart from the functionality, I've now set up a rather fetching colour scheme, rounded the tabs, tweaked the Interface Zoom and then used the View>Zoom to get the text size balanced between the Bookmarks and the main page - and it looks pretty good.

    It won't be my main browser yet, though - Avant still has too many advantages over Vivaldi, but I'm optimistic Vivaldi will become very popular as it's improving rapidly.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Vivaldi development team 🏵

  • I just won over another new convert to Vivaldi. In the fora for my Linux OS someone was having a problem with Firefox, & i asked if they'd considered V. A day later & it was now on their work & home computers, with a clearly enthusiastic reply post to me. Happy that the word spreads for this marvellous browser.

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    I have been using Vivaldi as my default browser for some months now. Since the release of Version 1.5, which included the Search With menu, there's not many things that frustrate me.

    Hoping for a few most needed features like email and more speed dial columns some time in Q1 or 2017.

  • As a user from China, Vivaldi starts being my default browser instead of Chrome since it's funny and customized even though there is a big bug with Simplified Chinese pinyin input.
    I believe that Vivaldi will be more popular in the future.

    Happy new year to all of you include Vivaldi dev team.

  • I'm a new member in this forum. But been using Vivaldi for some versions back (stable versions only). My main still the Fox.

    Probably I'm a passive guy. I didn't post questions or anything in forum before. I just quietly using the this forum search method plus search engine (OK: it's Google :p). Learn everything little by little from scratch. Yes, that's took months ladies and gentleman.

    The positive thing you ask?
    As this year end; Vivaldi rank #1 in my browser of choice.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holiday for everyone.

  • "Ideal" browsers should be flexible and configurable in detail, thus able to adapt to each user's preferred way of doing things, as well as increasing the kinds of things that can be done from within the browser. Obviously, there are various constraints and boundaries in code architecture that work to limit what can be done. But the development key should always be to try and discover ways around those limits.

    Vivaldi, as with Olde Opera in its Golden Days, has been and is being developed in such a way: maximizing configurability and feature array in response to real-world user desires. Vivaldi's sheer configurability already at this early stage of development clearly shows the developers' commitment to an 'ideal browser' design philosophy, and its that ongoing visible commitment that increases user patience with the browser design until their various personal configurability/feature wishes are fulfilled.

    Thanks, Jon and the team, for sticking to the browser vision we've all shared over the years. Your creativity is paying off...


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