Non-latin characters in URLs are not readable

  • I'm putting this under 'All platforms' although I'm only sure it occurs on Linux. I'm using Vivaldi v1.0.94.2 on Elementary OS. When a URL has a non-latin character, it will be unreadable. For example, if I type in this address: [code]вести/377.html[/code] It will be converted into this: [code]вести/377.html[/code] This is also true for non-latin TLDs, such as: [code]http://ртс.срб[/code] which turns into: [code]http://ртс.срб[/code] I'm guessing it's for this reason that auto-complete also doesn't work for non-latin TLDs.

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    Yes, same on Windows 7 (german).
    Vivaldi encodes:

    • national UTF charcters into URL encoding.
    • IDNA domains to Punycode domains.

    May be a usability problem and not done by other browsers. But i think it is according to standards.
    may be it is know and will be fixed in next weekly or stable browser.

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    I'm running Win8.1 with the, and it's still having the same problem. Interestingly enough, Google Chrome does make the URL readable, but if I copy the URL it copies as the non-readable version. I.e., I select and copy✓&keyword=撮誰%23kanji but when pasted it appears as

    It's also interesting to note that when you hover over the links above, both appear in the status bar as the non-readable version. Lastly, if you copy and paste the non-readable link into Google Chrome, Google Chrome converts it into the readable version. It would be nice if Vivaldi could do something similar.

  • @ukanuk as you could notice, this thread is one of the first bug reports for Vivaldi. It has since been reported through the official Bug Tracking System, so the developers are well aware of it. Unfortunately it still hasn't been fixed becaus it received poor grades on user poll a few months back, so I guess its priority is still low. But rest assured it will get some attention, sooner or later.

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