[Feature Request] PLEASE make a pop-down button so all Extensions can be accessed!

  • I use a LOT of Chrome extensions, and the most frustrating thing about Vivaldi is that I can't see them all. Even making Vivaldi take up full screen on my 27inch iMac, the most Vivaldi will display is about 26 extensions. Using half the screen, I can see only about 12 or so. This is unacceptable. What good are my extensions if I can't see and click on them? In Opera, there's a little double chevron, and if you click on that, it pops down the rest of the extensions you can't see.

    Could the Vivaldi developers PLEASE consider at least adding this extension pop-down button? It's so frustrating because I use my extensions regularly. Worse, I can't even rearrange the extension so at least the ones I use most would be at the beginning of the line.

    Not being able to see or access extensions that I use dozens of times a day (like my DevonThinkPro extension) is almost a deal killer for me, but Vivaldi is so great, I've tried to get by using bookmarklets in my bookmarks bar. When I get totally frustrated, I go back to Chrome or Opera for a while, until I miss too much the customizaton and ease-of-use of Vivaldi.

    While I appreciate the many great changes and additions to Vivaldi since I've started using it -- almost from it's first release -- I really think it's long overdue for this very basic function be there for folks who rely heavily on Extensions.

    Thanks for considering this request. I bet I'm not the only person frustrated by how Vivaldi (doesn't) work so well with Extensions.


  • @mettarefuge
    How do you operate Vivaldi with only 26 extensions? I use around 45 essential extensions as a basis for my operation, and, depending on my project around 10 to 15 additional extensions, changing them around when needed. Yet I don't experience the same issues, my workflow is completely unfettered by Vivaldi's restrictions and I can remain a competitive and useful member of my community.


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