New Tab Page (Vivaldi / FVD)

  • It's in relation to the extension FVD Speed Dial, but like things are right now I'm confused abut how it is should be in the first place.

    The whole charade is because FVD offers no option "open FVD Speed Dial by clicking New TAB [+]" and I want to replace Vivaldi's Start Page (which has no assigned url when opening) with FVD.

    • FVD requests vivaldi://newtab when clicking on the button.
    • assigning vivaldi://newtab in Preferences/ Tabs/ New Tab Page O custom URL (to be able to open via clicking New Tab [+]) opens Google Search with 8 speed dials squares

    There are two urls when I'm clicking New Tab [+]

    • vivaldi://newtab OR - vivaldi://newtab#
      • leads to either Google if asigned (like described above) or
      • opens FVD if opened directly via typing the address and executing with the ENTER on a keyboard
      • opens FVD AFTER opening Google if you just click into the address bar to activate the written URL for editing and (without changing anything) hit ENTER (which is basically the same as the second option).

    If assigned vivaldi://newtab in Preferences/ Tabs/ New Tab Page as a Start Page and placing a new URL vivaldi://newtab to FVD with in it (Vivaldi's Speed Dial) opens FVD just as expected. (which is basically the same as the second option... again)

    So, seeking logic and advice if somebody actually will be able to make sense of my explanations 🙂 I'm on Windows (8).

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    I'm not sure if I understood your post, but nevertheless, have you tried this method?

  • @pafflick it works! Are there similar problems as this regarding chrome extensions?

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    None that I know of. But if you should have any other issues, just ask here on the forums, and we'll try to figure it out. 😉


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