Firefox Extensions in Vivaldi

  • Is there a plan to try to allow Firefox extensions in Vivaldi? Chrome extensions are great but there are about 10% of Firefox extensions that you just can't find a counterpart for. I know there's an extension for Firefox to use Chrome extensions, so maybe the process can be easily reversed?

    BTW - I just downloaded Vivaldi last night. I am really picky with browsers and I think I may have found what I am going to stick with!

  • Yes and no.
    Firefox is going to drop support for their old extensions soon and only allow WebExtensions which are new standard for all browsers. So when this happens most extensions will be compatible with all? modern browsers. Don't expect that all extensions will be ported to this new standard majority? will be abandoned.

  • Even with some sort of a standard in place, there are always going to be compatibility issues though. 😕

    Firefox's old extension model wasn't really compatible with a multi-process browser design, so they decided to abandon it when separating the web renderer into its own process (like in other browsers).

  • @greenenemy I am glad that's the direction browsers are going, even if some old extensions won't be updated or if one occasionally doesn't work well in all of them. Thanks!


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