Very bad performance in Windows virtual machine

  • In a Windows virtual machine, the performance of Vivaldi 64 bits is very bad.

    I'm a developer and due to the fact of the job I have to run Windows 8.1 in a virtual box with Parallel Desktop 12. I have iMac Mid 2011 with 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 and 16GB of RAM. For the Windows virtual machine I dedicated to it the whole 4 core of the CPU and 10GB of RAM. Although the consumption of CPU and RAM are below 50%, Vivaldi still cannot operate properly (need very long time to scroll page, to switch tab, to open Preferences window...). With Chrome and Firefox (all are latest version), I don't have that performance issue.

  • have you tried chromium on windows? what did tools>task manager say when browser was slowing down?

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    The UI is completely rendered by JS and React and may be slower than Chrom* or Firefox.

    But on most VMs the missing/faulty OpenGL or DirectX/Direct3D implementation is the problem slowing down Vivaldi.

    Starting Vivaldi with commandline parameter --disable-gpu in Desktop's Vivaldi shortcut may help.

  • @Gwen-Dragon awesome!! Thanks very much!

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    As is use many VM for Linux, i know about this.


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