Vivaldi can't save any file (Save picture as..., Download, Install add-ons, etc. doesn't work)

  • I 'm not able to explain problem exactly (terrible English), then I maked a movie:

    I installed Vivali on two computers: each with Windows 7 64-bit, and I used the same installation file.
    On first computer Vivaldi works fine, but on second one "V" doesn't save any files from Internet.
    Exactly V writes temporary file on disk, but after complete download, deletes the file.

    There is no antivirus running. V: 1.6.689.40
    I searched whole hard disc. "Downloaded" files don't exist.
    I run V with admin privileges.

  • Your video shows you trying to download .exe file types. Windows has a certain security setting that is supposed to block browsers from being able to download/launch some executable file types including .exe files (and others). Some browsers (Vivaldi and IE) obey that setting; other browsers (Firefox, etc) appear to not obey it and download anyway. The security setting is unique in each user account, so it can be set and behave differently for different users.

    A discussion of this problem can be found at:

    The solution is presented in @mottenmouse's post:

    Perhaps this will help in your situation.

  • @Blackbird Video shows I tried download pictures too. The same situation is with PDF files (if I try to download the file. But PDF file is properly open in Vivaldi own viewer). The same situation is with all files. Video shows a short time during downloading, when a temporary file is created in destination directory and next disappears.

  • @grzezoch Have you checked your system for the Security setting shown in the thread I referenced? That setting applies to more than just .exe files... it applies to any incoming file type that can be, or normally is, either created, executed, or launched in some way by a browser or certain other kinds of software on the system. At least make sure that possible cause isn't involved, by simply checking the setting on your system for the account you're using. If the setting is not involved, you will only have wasted a few moments of time.

  • Are you able to download a file with other browsers (IE and Firefox)?

    Download with Vivaldi an *.exe file with the download dialogue "Save as ..."
    At 0:52 in your video do the following steps:
    Go to the Windows standard download folder ("C:\Users\XXX\Downloads")
    Change file type from "Application" to "all files"
    Now you will see a tmp file (in my case "fb08.tmp")
    Select the just downloaded tmp file
    Copy and paste this file (in my case I will get "fb08 - Kopie.tmp")
    Abort download
    Go to the download folder and rename the file extention from tmp to exe (in my case I will get "fb08 - Kopie.exe")
    Run the renamed exe file
    What happened ? (Installation start or Installation warning or Windows Security Warning)

  • @Blackbird Thanks for your attention. I tried to turn off security settings, but it didn't help. I cant save any file, not only EXEs. JPGs, PDFs, ZIPs too. The problem is only with Vivaldi. I use some other browsers and they can download and save files.

  • @mottenmouse Thank you. Your experiment was very interesting. Of course, I can download files using other browser. Look at the movie:
    I downloaded the same JPG file using Cyberfox and Vivaldi. Vivaldi makes proper temp file.

    Second movie shows you what happend in destination directory during download. Vivaldi makes a file but the size of the file doesn't change (free space of the disk is decreasing). At the end the file dissapears.

  • @mottenmouse I forgot, a Screen Recorder save temporary file in the same disk. Free space of destination disk was decreasing because it worked.
    Second thing: I defined my own destination of downloaded files in Vivaldi. I'm not sure is it important.

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