Search engine deal for Vivaldi?

  • Does Vivaldi have a default search engine deal with any provider?

    If not, has anyone from Vivaldi talked about how they get funding? It is all from Tetzchner's own reserves at this point?

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    @paulri - Vivaldi has search engine deals with multiple providers, as I understand it. It's still losing money, I believe, but if my back of the matchbook math is anywhere near close, it should support itself with 3M users or so.

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    I don't think you should be worried about it, but if you're very curious, here you'll find more information, just to quote some of it:

    The company is taking a limited business model off the back of this. It is choosing to emphasise the user experience over maximising the value to be gained from each one, Von Tetzchner says. He thinks of this as an integral part of the company’s philosophy.
    This means that Vivaldi will have greater bookmark functionality and collect less information from users. “Browsers don’t particularly want you to use bookmarks because bookmarks take away from search and that’s a main basis for ad revenue,” he adds. “But we’ve increased bookmark functionality and are not monitoring users aside from numbers, what platforms [operating systems] they’re on and where in the world they are.”
    As a result Vivaldi expects to generate around $1 (USD) per user per year through affiliated search results and bookmarks. The company already has deals in place with companies such as EBay and where clicks on links generates revenue.

  • Thanks for the link. Reminded me of why I hate forbes---I surf with an adblocker. I did disable it to get the info you linked to. Man, when I do that I feel like Brendan Fraser in Blast from the Past. Holy mackerel am I glad I have adblock. Anyways, it doesn't say that there is one deal with a default search engine provider, which is interesting---that's my understanding of how Firefox has gotten the lion's share of its revenue.

    The article quoted T. as saying that browsers are trying to drive users to search, and not use bookmarks, because browsers get no revenue from user bookmarks. I never thought of bookmarks and browsers like that, though. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the Opera 15 changes were being discusses.... 🙂

    @pafflick said in Search engine deal for Vivaldi?:

    I don't think you should be worried about it, but if you're very curious, here you'll find more information....

  • @Ayespy How close are we to 3M now?

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    @D0J0P - I'm not sure I'm allowed to say. I only know the numbers because of my privileged status as a Soprano, who gets an email each month or so describing our progress toward our goal of viability.

  • @Ayespy No, I mean 3M, as in 3 million users. But that's also nice to know about M3.

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    @D0J0P - look again. I edited the reply.

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    @paulri said in Search engine deal for Vivaldi?:

    I surf with an adblocker. I did disable it to get the info you linked to.

    I use uBlock Origin and I didn't have to disable it to get to that site. I don't know about the Forbes site itself, as the page that I linked to was the only one I have visited on there...

  • In general, we don’t send your data, it’s not our business model. Our business model is very simple: we do work with Microsoft and Yahoo and don’t work with Google, but we do get paid every time a search is performed. We also have partnerships with eBay, so if someone uses eBay through us we get paid.
    -Tatsuki Tomita

    I believe that Vivaldi also have deals with DuckDuckGo and Yandex. At least, I hope they do, because DDG is what I use 90% of the time.


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