Unpin tabs through shortcuts

  • In previous version I could unpin tab through keyboard shortcut - after update to 1.6 this is not possible. Pin tab is Ok, but unpin is not.

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    @Lamiv Someone raised this issue on the most recent blog. It may have been an intentional change, judging from this comment by QuHino:-

    QuHno 8 hours ago
    There was a longer discussion whether it should be easy to unpin a tab and some people even reported bugs that it is too easy to unpin. I think it is deliberate that you can unpin it by menu only - of course that is awkward to do if you don't use a pointer device like e.g. a mouse ...

  • @Pesala So, enough create new shourcut "unpin tab" - everyone will be able to decide what is better.

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    @Lamiv I already decided that it would be better if the shortcut toggled pin/unpin tab, so having to set and remember another shortcut for unpin would not please me. Not much better than using the menu, to be honest.

    In Opera 12.17 I can assign a context-sensitive mouse gesture (I use GestureDown) or a shortcut to lock/unlock tabs. I only ever use the mouse gesture, so I have not assigned a shortcut.

    GestureDown on the web page goes to the bottom of the page, and opens a new tab if already at the bottom of the page.

    Vivaldi has a little way to go yet to reach this level of efficiency.


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