Why Is Vivaldi still not as good as Opera 12 was?

  • I joined Vivaldi pretty early to replace Opera 20 something what lost too much loved and useful features since abandoning Opera 12. My first stop is speed dial, the where you want to go again page. I begged to include a simple feature to set my own columns. I like to have my important places on one page to go there with on click.
    Add a simple right click menu and please do not limited to just 7 columns.

    Some Vivaldi developer assured me when there was a stable 1.0 they go work on the speed dial. That was a long time ago.

    I talked about a feature to have the speed dial like a desktop, choose you size and where you want to put the page button. Group for easier access.

    I really appreciate the work put into Vivaldi, but I see it is not getting more user friendly, just more complicated.
    Some of you users are past their prime and might have been with Opera a very long time , like me. What we loved was the EASY customize as you want.

    Last thing, bookmarks. On Opera I had mine in the address bar.
    One click there showed Home Top 10 and Bookmarks.
    One click on Bookmarks and they were all there easy to see because of the small line spacing and to navigate with automatic popping out and closing. Click on the icon where you want to go, everything closes back to normal and your page is there.
    It would be lovely to have something like that back!
    Thank you for looking at my ramblings.

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    I disagree. Vivaldi is already way better than Opera 12.17, but not all of the features that we know and love have been implemented yet.

    It's not all about being able to customise the interface, and having bookmarks etc, just how you like them. Web sites do actually need to work too, and that is more important in making a good browser.

    Be patient and try to live long enough to see Vivaldi reach maturity. Opera took 15 years to mature, with a lot more developers working on it. Vivaldi is still new, and still losing money.

    Find workarounds for the remaining issues, and wait and see what Santa brings for Christmas.

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    @costa It doesn't have all the features and flexibility yet because it's in its infancy. There's a long road ahead of it.

  • @costa Yes. Vivaldi is nowhere near as good as Opera 12.17 (ignoring the internal webpage component). It has a lot less and nothing in addition (apart from: tab loading progress bar, and tab audio icon, and page actions).

    I wonder, why were they not able to plug in the new internal webpage component (Blink) into the existing Opera interface? - Would have been the ideal thing to have done. (?)

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    @hot_denim - Impossible. They are 100% incompatible. Opera was not a standalone browser without the rendering engine. It was, including the interface, based on Presto, a completely different rendering scheme. Then of course there is the fact that Opera SA, now owned by a Chinese company, owns all of the code from which old Opera was built.

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    @hot_denim That has been explained already when the Opera team switched to Chromium. They would certainly keep their old interface if they could. To get some perspective, consider the following sentence (based on your question):

    I wonder, why they didn't put a jet engine into Ferrari car? Would have been that an ideal racing car?


  • I never get tired of the "Vivaldi is not as good as Opera 12 is/was, because it still lacks [insert personal favourite feature here]." Oh wait, yes I do.

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    @Pesala said in Why Is Vivaldi still not as good as Opera 12 was?:

    wait and see what Santa brings for Christmas.

    The latest Snapshot now includes full web page screen shots and download notifications. The former works well enough unless you have UI Zoom > 100%, while the latter is not quite ready to use yet IMO.


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