Questions ( AyeSpy) clean profile

  • I had problems I thought might be solved by cleaning profile, didn't solve what I wanted but had a few questions.
    A few of my Extension trouble I thought might be cured by cleaning my profile. I have all my backup files but haove a few questions or reminders. ( Read your page before I did it)

    1, I assume you have to manually re-enter your passwords.

    1. My bookmark file did NOT have my import file I noticed I had others do I need them? IF I could find them I'll tell you names but need to check and working on other program so much forgot path.

    2. What may I not get back ( things are missing I DID NOT install EITHER top-sites file.
      Not in hurry went back to FF one mess at a time is enough to mess with. Bitcoin Blockchain.... 24/7 + this week or more going to give up til I get new laptop this too slow.

    3. Love Viv and miss it ...later FAR behind taxes etc.

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    @Dovelove - if you are on the same profile on the same machine, just move your "Login Data" file back to the new Default file. Your passwords will be there.

    Simply replace the new bookmark file with the old one.

    There is nothing you won't get back, except some hand-performed settings.

    But don't put back files connected to extensions. Re-install and test those one at a time.

  • @Ayespy On some files I have cookie AND cookie journal do I do both or just the one? There are several files like this, Favecon, Extension. Then I only have Login data- journal not just Login Data has a different name why?

    This side by sideview is VERY different, don't know if I like it or not, another thing to get used to. I can't see why it needs that if it shows in real time.

    Can answer above don't like it! Started out trying to edit post. Also sorry for spelling etc. for some reason my keyboard doesn't seem to keep up or delays entry of characters a lot or software isn't happy with my keychanges to Dovark key location. Will have to contact Corsair.

  • @Ayespy I still have to enter passwords see previous Put Data journal file in bookmarks are all redone and well. Very tired 7:45 Am up all night fixing things after ANOTHER funeral tody tired of them.

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    @Dovelove - Not necessary to move the journal files. There's nothing in them.

    Yes, a clean profile and a used profile look very different. But that's to be expected. Don't let it put you off.

  • @Ayespy Are journal files only used as a data file when using program,
    can it be deleted?

    Also I think I need to get down to least files in shootout. I have backups of backups of backup cause I'm worried about getting rid of something I need.

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    @Dovelove - don't delete them from the install you are using. (The browser will just make a new one anyway) But you don't need to save them in backups. I think you also don't need to save backups of backups of backups.


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