Auto-hide bookmark bar revisited

  • There was a previous thread on this, but I hesitate to bump it because it's not in this new section of the forum. Plus, what's there doesn't work.

    Of the two there, at least the first one still does something, but it's all wrong now: the bookmark bar is by default positioned over the tabs, and when you hover over it, it retreats to sort of merging with the address bar.

    Does anyone happen to have one that's working?

  • /*Auto hide bookmark bar*/
    	z-index: 2;
    	position: fixed !important;
    	width: 100%;
    	transform: translateY(-100%);
    	transition: transform 0.2s !important;
    	z-index: 1;
    	transform: translateY(125%);
    .toolbar:hover ~ .bookmark-bar{
    	transform: translateY(125%);
    #header:hover ~ #main .bookmark-bar{
    	transform: translateY(125%);
    	z-index: 0;

  • Really nice, thanks.

    If Vivaldi ever actually implements this feature, they should steal the way that Cent did it, with config options for displaying it relating to mouse position and hover time. Also, Cent does not show it when you're interacting with the nav buttons.

  • @greenenemy Have you had to tweak this in recent builds? I've noticed a strange phenomenon that never used to happen: sometimes the toolbar doesn't appear until you you pass over the area a second time. It seems random, but it's hard to tell, and the behavior may relate to the site you're on at the time.

  • The second pass is also needed if you show/hide tabbar with hover on the right side -- but not on the left. Really hard to tell what causes this.

  • @greenenemy said in Auto-hide bookmark bar revisited:

    transform: translateY(125%);

    For some reason using this method place the bookmark bar 1 pixel too low resulting in a 1 pixel space between the address bar and bookmark bar. Instead of using 125%, using 34px fixes that. Just in case anyone stumbles on this with the same problem.


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