Lost Pixels when in full screen

  • After recent update, YouTube players in Vivaldi started to resize down when in bigger player mode.

    So after some messing around in JS, I've noticed that vivaldi looses some pixels in height (exactly 1 in my case) and width(4 pixels here). This is shorter and thinner enough hat YouTube thinks I should view the video in tiny format and it's driving me mad....

    Is this just a problem in my laptop due to high resolution? or something else?

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    @H31vry5 - What is your platform? I need to move this topic to the relevant platform category, where people will see it and answer it.

  • @Ayespy I'm on Windows(Specifically a Surface Book). I wasn't sure if I should've posted to windows forum or bug forum....

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    @H31vry5 - Understood. Where you actually posted was a category about FORUM bugs, not browser bugs. I've moved the topic, so all better now.

    Hopefully someone will come along with some help for you.


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