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  • I've got my Bookmarks Bar at the top, showing the speed dial items.... some items on the speed dial are folders, which contain several items..... is there a way to activate a pop-up thumbnail to see these or can you only click on the folder to see the items contained? The pop-up thumbnail would be useful....... seems also when I rearrange the items on the bookmarks bar (containing the speed dial) it then re-sorts the items on the speed dial page... is there an option to allow this or disallow this?

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    @Slice - Bookmarks Manager and Boomarks Panel will not mirror your Bookmarks Bar arrangement. Speed Dial will. That's the current design.

    There will be many improvements to Speed Dial and many more to the Bookmarks Bar (because it's a half-finished product at present). At present, however, what you see is what you get. There are no popups for the Bookmarks Bar, and no way to turn them on. There's also no on-hover function to open a folder. You have to click. As I say, much will change over time. This browser is developing at a faster pace than any I've ever seen, and yet it still feels slow as molasses in January to users. I understand.

  • @Ayespy thanks.... so far I'm loving the Vivaldi Browser and have spread the news...... the only reason I participate in a forum such as this, is to try have some input for the developers to perhaps incorporate some ideas in further releases.... as well if others read the posts, they too may learn from them..... my views and inquiries are never complaints but simply observations and questions.....looking forward to upcoming releases to further enjoy and customize the experience.


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