Just want to introduce myself quickly before going to sleep. I am excited about Vivaldi and disappointed at the same time.

  • Hello guys. I consider myself to be somewhat of an advance user.
    My first browser was Opera when the version was like 8 or something. I still remember Opera as a coolest browser. Of course till the moment when it died at the version 12.10.

    I knew about Vivaldi browser when it was just 1.0 version, I thought it was too young to try it. When I saw version 1.5 I decided to jump at it and play with it.

    I have Ubuntu 14.04 and so far the journey was not pleasant...

    I want to continue later.... oh, it's too late for me like 2:51 in the morning.

  • I have two problems with vivaldi:

    1. Freezes on exiting from full screen from youtube.
    2. It doesn't save the position when you are in a bookmark manager and switch a tab, then go back it refreshes the page, so I have to scroll down every time.

    Other than that, I feel like Vivaldi is looking to be my favorite browser.


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