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  • seems to take a marked amount of time loading from the task bar for some reason......... all my other browsers do load quicker... I use Windows 10 Pro

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    @Slice - seems to depend on two things: Hardware; and how clogged up the browser is. Mine, with a 30-tab session saved, takes 5 seconds on first cold boot of the day, and about a second on each boot of the day after that.

  • @Ayespy regardless of any sessions being saved, (as a stone cold start), Opera, Chrome, Edge all take under 10 seconds...... Vivaldi usually takes 20-45 seconds.... without any other programs running. Perhaps the customizations in Vivaldi is the delay? The others are all customized to some degree yet they open so much quicker (very noticeable). Hopefully this behavior will eradicate itself at some point.

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    @Slice - what kind of machine is this on?

  • @Ayespy Lenovo - ThinkPad as I mentioned, all others load reasonably well and are reasonably equal in time but thus far the Vivaldi browser is about 3-4 times slower for some reason

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    @Slice - Thanks. I was hoping to learn the processor specs and amount/speed of RAM. Lenovo has been making thinkpads for 11 years. I have one at my elbow right now that's nine years old. It was $700 new, but you could buy twice the speed and memory now for $300. Or you could buy a new $1300 thinkpad that would drive your car and make you breakfast in bed.

    I do not have the experience that Vivaldi takes 4-5 times as much as other browsers. On a cold first start, or on subsequent starts, it always seems to me to take about 30% longer than other browsers - meaning that on my very worst 13-year-old machine it takes 24 sec compared to 16 sec for others cold, and 6 sec compared to 4, on subsequent starts. On my main machine, it's 3 sec. for a cold start and 1 sec for later ones. So I'm wondering what kind of hardware this is, and what sort of actual times you are getting. One reason Vivaldi is slower than others is that it has to initiate 3 layers of functionality compared to 2 for most browsers (the Vivaldi UI is an entirely additional layer).

  • @Ayespy ok, so it does take slightly longer for you as well regardless of the age of the computer, their both slightly slower new or old machine... (longer with the initial cold start and sub-sequentially quicker on further openings, which I've also found) that's all I was asking... so this is maybe common and the way it is because of the layers you described.... and yes the ThinkPad has been around for a while as mine is about 6 yrs old, but still runs quite well but obviously not as snappy as the newer ones.

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    @Slice - Hey - my old Thinkpad is my "good" laptop. So there 'ya go.


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