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  • Re: How to prevent auto reloading of pages

    This appears to still be an issue with the latest 1.6 stable release, and the previous thread went dormant without a formal address. Is this planned to be addressed, in progress, or is there any update on this?

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Hi, do you have example page?
    I got never auto upload pages since Vivaldi beta 1.0, even I could need this feature sometimes.


  • Not precisely, only pages I have open consistently are email ( and Gmail) which get reloaded periodically by the browser (as in a complete reload, not checking for email or something like that), but it also occurs with normal browsing of news articles and sites periodically (ie if I leave the browser inactive for a bit and come back). This occurs despite disabling the vivaldi://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding option.

  • Is there something else I can provide? I haven't heard anything more here for almost 2 weeks now. Are others not seeing this? Because I see this in every install of Vivaldi I use (1 x Windows 7, 2 x Windows 10, 3 variations of Linux), and I cannot find a means of correcting this. This seems to happen on ones not viewed recently and predominantly if a number of tabs are open/I use another application and Vivaldi is no longer the active window. I will point out this does not seem to be memory-constrained though, as my devices have 8GB minimum, and my work computer is a desktop with 32GB of RAM. THis device is ironically the one that I see it on the most, though this is mainly because it is the one I predominantly use throughout the day.

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