Full screen videos - doesn't

  • Still when trying to view videos full screen puts a window around it, and we lose the bottom part of it meaning we are unable to access the video controls. Been happening since the year dot, on Linux.

  • Works fine for me (on Youtube) with Mint 18.

    Have you tried changing "use native windows" under Tools/Settings/Appearance ?

  • As has been mentioned before, this is a difference between flash and html5. Html5 videos in fullscreen work fine, which is why most youtube videos work without problems. If you try to view a flash video in fullscreen you get the window border around it.

  • @Terc, I guess this the same issue as I mentioned in this other thread.

    Is there any workaround to solve it?

    Thank you!

  • Moderator

    No workaround yet.

  • @Musikolo

    Hi, one workaround I use is to have a key binding to fullscreen a window (operating system setting). I'm sure you are able to do this on most of Linux distributions, don't know about Windows. I use Alt+F11 to do this. It may even be set to that binding already (I think Xubuntu had it this way) and if not, go to your keyboard settings. Doesn't solve it but one can still enjoy watching videos in fullscreen.

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