All Tabs and Pinned Items Lost

  • All my Tab Stacks and Pinned Items are gone when re-opening Vivaldi, every time. Great tool idea, but this issue renders Vivaldi worthless to me. Back to Google Chrome standard unless someone knows the answer on this one. Thanks.

  • Very unfortunate for you, if I had these kind of issues I would have forgot about Vivaldi myself and used something else. All times it shows last session with my tabs, stacks or pinned, and they also appear in the trashcan on top item (window with 11 tabs).
    It can happen if when closing Vivaldi, some of the vivaldi.exe processes are still in memory, relaunching it would simply create a NEW window.
    Try to check after closing Vivaldi if there's any Vivaldi process active. Killing them and relaunching should reopen last session.
    If that's the case, go to
    and uncheck "continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed"
    and see if it gets better.
    Most of the times a Vivaldi process is so busy on updating the "Top Sites" file that it takes even minutes to finish.
    Also is advised to cleanup/delete such file now and then to keep it small, if it gets over 20mb (it's a SQlite3 db and it's never packed and cleaned by Vivaldi, so far)
    Search on the forum about it, it has been discussed infinite times.


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