On latest ubuntu with macmini intel 32bit navigation problems

  • Hello,
    I'm running latest ubuntu on an intel macmini 32bit dual core.
    After the latest kernel update, the vivaldi broswer not load pages, and if loaded there some problems, like video streaming play.

    From italy , i can't anymore play videos from public television here

    I have also deleted preset saved folder in the home directory to reset vivaldi, and tried to reinstall completly without results.

    Using the old unsupported 32 bit chrome browser all works correctly.

    I have used vivaldi without problems for months.

    Please help me. (i don't want to use chrome!!)


  • Rai sites use silverlight, last time I checked.

  • appear to be adobe flash...
    if i play on demand video it works,

    only on the live stream not, I see in the background player the message "error loading resource"

    ...with chrome works correctly...


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