v1.6.689.34 (Stable channel) (32bit) Crash due to HTML5 popup message window

  • Since Vivaldi update 1.6 i'm reliably able to reproduce a crash with HTML5 popup window from Facebook or Slack (didn't test any other).

    This crash only happens if there is other fullscreen app (even second Vivaldi instance) in-focus (so the popup is not visible). It also crashes all existing Vivaldi instances along with the one spawning the popup window.

    Installed extensions are: Adblock, Stylish
    I've also disabled these and did re-test with same results.

    If anybody can try this (i'm not able to find any info about similar crash anywhere on this forum). I can re-test this on different machines if necessary tomorrow, all running Win7/Win10.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem.

    Installed extension: Ghostery/adblock/toolbox/RES

  • I also encounter this.

  • Same here. Reported it also on https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

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