Vivaldi crashes when I get a message at facebook

  • Sometimes when I get a message at facebook, I hear the sound and about 300ms later vivaldi crashes.

    I'm using Windows 10 and Vivaldi version 1.6.689.32 (841b9a58130b84a3816d42023b714a2127e1e56f)

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    @manlo - can't replicate that. What sort of hardware, and what extensions do you run?

  • @Ayespy
    My hardware:

    • Intel i5 (3570K) 64bit
    • 16GB Ram
    • GTX 970 (Driver: 368.39)
    • SanDisk SSD

    My extensions :

    • Adblock Plus
    • ColorZilla
    • Context Menu Search
    • LastPass
    • Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address
    • My JDownloader
    • Search by Image (by Google)

    I'm also using 2 windows, but both windows are always visible. Each window on one monitor.
    I don't know if the second window is always in fullscreen mode.

    @Arc Our descriptions don't fit to 100%, but i think that's the same problem. Sorry I don't found your topic in the search, for reply.

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    @manlo - What happens if you run without extensions for some hours? Could you have someone send you facebook messages and see if the crash is still present?

  • Same happens to me, not always. It seems to happen when you are fullscreen on youtube, vlc player, game etc. fullscreen something.

    AMD FX-8350

    Adblock Plus
    Twitch Now

  • @manlo We have posted our threads pretty much simultaneously so no worries.

    I've tested this witl my extensions disabled and it still happens. I need somebody to do a quick test if it is reproducable or not. I'll try this in other machines and will get back if it happens to them with pure vanilla Vivaldi.

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    @Arc - I can't replicate it here. I get facebook notifications here all the time, and no crashes.

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    Have you guys tried this with a clean profile?

  • I've just tested this on my old Asus F5R laptop with clean install of Vivaldi 1.6 (it's actually couple weeks after i did clean OS reinstall) and it's doing the same thing. I can bother to test it on my testbed PC (C2D/GTX660) but i'm pretty sure it'll do it there as well. I have some AMD FX CPU laying around if needed.

    Each machine runs on Intel CPU, although from different era (C2D up to Ivi Bridge), laptop have ATI mobility GPU, main PC runs on Nvidia GTX1060. Different apps running at background.

    @Ayespy Did you read my original thread ?
    Basically it'll crash if other fullscreen app is present and in-focus so it'll cover the popup window. It does not happen with fullscreen apps that do not have a focus over the popup window (rendering priority issue ? ).

    This issue is not present in latest Chrome.

  • It seems I have a rather similar problem with Slack. And thanks to your observations I can confirm that it happens specifically whenever the screen (with the task bar) which would normally show the notification from Slack if covered by a full-screen program (a VMware guest in my case).

  • Finally I found the time to test this without extensions. It happens anyway.
    One window on the left monitor and one on the right. Both are maximized (not fullscreen) and VLC Player on top of the right window, this runs in fullscreen mode. And it crashed after I got a message.

  • This has been happening for me too since updating to 1.6. Same thing - crashes if I have Facebook open while I have a fullscreen app running and in-focus in a second monitor.

  • Posting here instead of creating a new thread. Did anyone resolve this? I do not get it with every message on Facebook but I do get it several times a night. I typically have it open on a tab on my 2nd monitor while I have another application up on my main, in windowed mode. Periodically, if someone sends me a message (most often if they send me a picture in the message) it just closes all instances of Vivaldi.

  • Me too. I have Facebook open in Vivaldi, and a game (Path of Exile) running full screen on top on same (primary) monitor. When I get a Facebook message, which would cause a notification, Vivaldi disappears right after the sound.

    Running Win7 64bit. The problem is rather recent.

  • Just as an update. This got resolved for me with the 1.8 release of Vivaldi.


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