Vivaldi keeps freezing

  • I don't know why, but my browser keeps freezing, it froze a few times before the last update, but it wasn't happening a lot, but since i updated it it started freezing a lot, at the point that it is almost impossible to use.
    I am running windows 10 and i got AdBlock installed (which is my only extension)

    I noticed that when it is frozen i can still interact with the window and the inputs will take effect, but there is no on-screen update, so that the windows looks completely still.
    Alt-tabbing back on vivaldi while it's frozen will update the window and print the updated view, but most of the times the window keeps still and i need to alt-tab back and forth a few times before getting it back to work.

    It seems like it freezes more often whenever i have a tab containing a pdf file, but it still freezes on pretty much every site i visited.

    Hope this helps, i am seriously desperate

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    @NokiStrawby - What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • yesterday i tried clearing the cache, and it seems like it works fine now.
    if it starts freezing again i'll try refreshing my profile i guess

    edit: it used to freeze whenever i got a facebook notification, too, forgot to mention that in the first comment

  • @Ayespy
    A while after i posted the last comment it started freezing again, i just tried refreshing my profile and copying back the shortcuts and bookmarks files.
    Then i went to re-install adblock and before i could reach the adblock page on the store it froze again.
    I have no more clues on what could be the problem i guess

  • Well, i downloaded Chrome today, this thing was driving me nuts and i couldn't stand it anymore...
    Anyways, i hope this will get fixed soon, it felt so good using Vivaldi

  • Hi, Vivaldi rarely crash but never freeze for me, please check:

    as Avespy mention, clearing cache does not help at all.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin
    i first tried clearing the cache, then doing a full reset, that's why i decided to switch back to chrome...
    i think there is some problem with the last patch, it started freezing right after the last updates

  • @NokiStrawby
    OK, this was not clear for me.
    I hope you come back when the next patch arrives. 🙂

    Cheers, mib


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