right click on a bookmark in a folder!

  • Hello Vivaldi. I have a folder with bookmarks in a bookmarks bar and wanted to delete one bookmark - upon right clicking it just opens the website! Can somebody explain me the thinking behind this weird functionality? Why isn't there normal context menu with "open here, open in a new tab, edit, delete" and such?? :rolling_eyes:

  • @McVitas said in right click on a bookmark in a folder!:

    Can somebody explain me the thinking behind this weird functionality?

    It's just not implemented yet. Use the bookmarks panel or the bookmarks tab to manage your bookmarks.

  • McVitas, right-click should not open any bookmarks. None.

    What OS do you have?

    The only thing I can think of that's even remotely related is the Settings option for a left-click/select:
    [ ] Open Bookmark panel items with a single click

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    @3Phase - ANY kind of click on a bookmark in a folder on the bookmark bar opens it. This is a symptom of the fact that bookmarks bar coding is substantially incomplete. The much more complete set of features is available in the bookmark panel, rather than the bookmark bar.

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    @McVitas - Bookmark Bar coding is only about half done. Do all of your editing operations in the bookmark panel or the bookmark manager.

  • @Ayespy Right-click on ANY bookmark ANYWHERE opens a right-click menu for me. What'd you break, Aye? :D

  • OK. I look forward to have a working context menu :) Meanwhile I would suggest removing the right click action so it rather does nothing, because it's quite confusing when it opens it. It would be better if nothing happened if there is no context menu ready yet. 3Phase I am not sure if you read what was written :-]

  • @McVitas I read every word: "... upon right clicking it just opens the website!"

    Right-click doesn't open any bookmarks when I use it, only left-click. My right-click menu in the Bookmarks folders and Bookmarks bars also offers Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete.

    Aye's got at least an idea of what the skinny is for upcoming bookmarks and I do agree there should be a right-click option to Edit a bookmark because my install already does it. other right-click options but the only action that opens a bookmark for me is left-click, not right-click.

    Again: What OS and version of Vivaldi do you have and is it 32 or 64 bit?

    Windows x64 | Vivaldi x64 with a fresh and clean profile

    Screenshot of right-click menu:
    Right-Click Menu

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    @3Phase - you do not appear to have any folders on your bookmarks bar, so it would seem you are not replicating the conditions complained of by the user.

    Put a folder on your bookmarks bar and put some bookmarks in it to see what is being discussed.

  • @Ayespy and @McVitas

    Hmm... I do have the 'Minibar' sub-folder on the far left to drop and stash things in. You both are correct and Bookmarks in that sub-folder open their links with a right-click instead of a menu.

    Very interesting, it didn't used to do that. My apologies!

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