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  • Is there any plan to add the automatic translation to vivaldi like in Chrome?
    It can be done only with a plugin which does not save the languages to be used on the webistes.

    This would allow me to use vivaldi in my work environment too :)

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    @fuorviatos - At some point, yes.

  • Is there any roadmap yet?

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    @fuorviatos - There is not, and will not be, a public roadmap. Jon keeps specific development plans behind closed doors. We have been told that the two top priorities at this time and email and sync; we know work is being done on a better history interface and capabilities. We know work is being done on speed and resource economy. We know that the ultimate goal is to have every bit of flexibility and power that old Opera pre-ver. 15 had, and more (it had its own page translator). We have had it affirmed to us that any number of individual features will arrive at some point. But what order things will be done in, and when they will be done, is not for public consumption.

  • Ok - thanks for claryfing that.

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