Backspace is being treated as "back"

  • In several sites - web mail websites - whenever I use the backspace button to delete an item, in addition to deleting the item the site is also being redirected to a previous page because the backspace key is also treated, by Vivaldi, as "Back".

    Anyone seen this elsewhere? Bug?

  • You mean that in the webmail, backspace is supposed to delete a message ?

    If you don't want "Backspace" to go back to the previous page, delete the shortcut in :
    Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Page > History Back


    On a side note, your webmail is supposed to do some JavaScript magic so that the previous page, is the same and that doesn't happen.

  • In the webmail, backspace does indeed delete the entry - but it also moves back to the login page. This is in Vivaldi's webmail.

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