Backup bookmarks and speeddials

  • I use the browser in linux and windows. I wil use the same bookmarks and speeddials.
    What files must I use to that?

  • Hi, look in Help > About for the path.
    I copy the file "Bookmarks" to my dropbox and overwrite the file in the other systems.
    I work with 4+ different systems and it work fine, Speed dials are included.
    It is a bit workaround until sync is ready.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    Yes. There is not a "Speed Dials" separate from Bookmarks. "Speed Dial" in Vivaldi is just a way to display one or more of your bookmark folders. ALL items are contained in the Bookmark file in your profile.

  • comes at problem within linux. ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks

  • Thank you. I hope that synch is ready in the next months. That is a lot easier.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I simply upload my whole profile in ~/.config/vivaldi which of course contains bookmarks. Since I use a lot of dev builds I'm also take hourly automatic snapshots of my file system (btrfs) so I can roll back my Vivaldi profile if I mess something up (which I do at times ).

    //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies.

  • When you start a fresh install can you use also upload the profile?

  • Xmarks help backup and sync bookmarks between different devices.
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